• Pat Glattke

    Pat Glattke

    Pat joined the Friends in 2016 and quickly became an indispensable member. In 2017, she took over primary responsibility for the Friends’ annual…

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  • Julie Saugstad

    Beginning with frequent visits to the children’s department in the basement of the old McHenry Library, Julie has always loved libraries. Raised by…

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  • Anne Britton

    Anne Britton

    Retired from libraries in Arizona, Anne started volunteering for the Children’s Department in 2002 and became involved with FOML in 2004.  “More books…

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  • Beverly Schlegel

    Beverly has been a library card holder since she was 4 years old. When she retired from her position as a middle school…

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  • Denise Nordell

    Denise Nordell

    A longtime library supporter, Denise retired from a career in advertising, marketing and public relations to begin her “Chapter Two” with a focus…

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