May Events

Friends of the Modesto Library Annual Meeting

President’s Report — Year in Review

Join me as we look back, month by month, at what we have achieved together since we met at this time last year.

MARCH 2018 – Friends of the Modesto Library welcomed two new Board members – Beverly Schlegel and Marilyn Drew – and immediately put them to work as we began sorting books for the annual Used Book Sale.

Anne Britton stands beside books to be given away during Dia event
Anne Britton stands beside books to be given away during the Día event.

APRIL – More than 600 people showed up for the Library’s annual Día de los Niños/de los Libros celebration, and we distributed more than 400 new books to children who attended. Thanks to Anne Britton for coordinating the effort.

Jean and Ed standing among books
Jean and Ed Haven spent many hours sorting books in the months leading up to the used book sale.

MAY – With Pat Glattke at the helm for the second year, our annual Used Book Sale earned more than $4,300, the largest amount ever. This year, Jean and Ed Haven have come on board as co-chairs with Pat. Thanks to Jean and Ed for stepping forward!

JUNE – In June, the Board approved an annual budget that included $10,000 in donations to the Library for a variety of children’s and adult programs, materials, and events including the Summer Reading Challenge.

Pat Glattke, Cande Brody, and Pam Pallios (L-R) put labels in books.

JULY – Friends members purchased and then gathered together to label more than 2,000 new books for giveaway at the Stanislaus County Fair. Pam, Cande, Pat, and others all pitched in to help.

Girl stsanding under Alfred Matthews banner at the State Theatre
Summer Reading Challenge participant Addison Cabrera was happy to attend the movie Wonder shown at the State Theatre.

AUGUST – With the support of Alfred Matthews, the Friends hosted a free movie night at the State Theatre for readers who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. Friends members also assisted with Summer Reading registration in the Children’s Department.

SEPTEMBER – The new Friends of the Modesto Library website was up and running flawlessly, thanks to the talent and dedication of the amazing Ellen Dambrosio.

Pam Pallios was one Friend who shared information about our organization with library customers during National Friends of Libraries week.

OCTOBER – Coinciding with National Friends of Libraries week, Ellen and Jonaca Driscoll coordinated our presence at the Library. More than a dozen members helped staff the table. We also sent thank you cards to volunteers who had helped at Friends events throughout the year.

Ellen Dambrosio shows one of her favorite books in the Scholastic book fair, The Day the Crayons Came Home.

NOVEMBER – Captained by Anne Britton and co-chairs Marilyn Drew and Ellen Dambrosio, along with Anne’s list of 20 or so volunteers, or “Usual Suspects” as Anne calls them, we held the second of two very successful Scholastic Book Sales. Together, the Discount Sale in May and the November Warehouse sale earned nearly $7,000 in cash and books for the Library, as well as books for local and national non-profit agencies.

DECEMBER – Library festivities included the annual Hogwart’s Yule Ball, Read to a Dog and other library events with Friends members on hand to assist. In fact, 2018 was notable for the number of times Friends members participated and assisted at Library events.

JANUARY 2019 – The year began with the fulfillment of a 2018 New Year’s Resolution to increase membership to 150: Membership Director Ellen Dambrosio announced that Friends of the Modesto Library membership reached an all-time high of 157 members in 2018. The new goal for 2019 is 175.

FEBRUARY – Maree Hawkins, who became a bi-coastal grandma last year, nevertheless agreed to serve as Public Relations Director. In this role, Maree will be on the lookout for ways to share news about our activities with the public.

That brings us to the present. As we look forward to the coming year, there are plenty of things to be excited about: In April, the Friends will host children’s and YA author Linda Joy Singleton for a day of presentations and book signings; we will zero in on our plans to replace the former Little Shop, most likely with a moveable cart or kiosk; and of course, the Used Book Sale and Scholastic sale will take place in May.

I want to acknowledge and thank the members of our board and the Executive Committee who make the burdens light and everything fun. I am proud of all that we have accomplished in the past year, and grateful for the opportunity to work with all of you in service to our beloved library.

Respectfully – and joyfully – submitted,

Denise Nordell, President
— March 6, 2019

The Friends of the Modesto Library is a nonprofit organization that promotes goodwill and support by the community for the Modesto Library, stimulates public awareness of Modesto Library needs, and seeks out sources of cultural and educational programs for the Modesto Library.

The Friends of the Modesto Library is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in California. All contributions are tax-deductible as allowed by law. (ID#77-0038333).

Support Youth Programs

Friends of the Modesto Library raises money to support youth outreach programs like Summer Reading, Diá de los Niños/Libros and Kids Craft Fairs. We volunteer at these and other Library events throughout the year.

Support the Modesto Library

Modesto Friends raised money for the giant aquarium inside the Modesto Library, as well as new benches in the Children’s area and new paint throughout the Modesto Library. 2018 projects include continuing education for Library staffers and new books for the Children’s library.

Serve the community

Modesto Friends reach out with programs like supporting the Book Club at Juvenile Hall and Free Books at the Stanislaus County Fair. Our efforts raise awareness of the importance of the Library and of reading. Join us today!

Mission Partners

Many local businesses support the Friends of the Modesto Library. We encourage you to support them, as they are supporting us.

Epic level ($1000 and above)

Alfred Matthews Logo
  • Beard Family Corporation

Classic level ($500-$999)

  • McHenry Bowl

Bestseller level ($250 – $499)

  • American Chevrolet
  • Winton-Ireland, Strom & Green Insurance Agency

Novelist level ($100 – $249)

  • Modesto Teachers Association
  • Ross W. Lee, Inc., APLC
  • Sonja Knutsen Interior Design
  • Valley First Credit Union

Other business partners:

  • Dittos
  • McGrath Moving & Storage Inc.

Companies that matched employee donations:

  • Automatic Data Processing
  • G3 Enterprises

Many employers will match your donations. Ask about matching gifts at work.