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Meet guest author Linda Joy Singleton

By Maree Hawkins

This article appears in our May 2019 newsletter.

Linda Joy Singleton headshot
Author Linda Joy Singleton

Last October, I strolled through the Great Valley Bookfest in Manteca to see if there were any local or regional children’s authors we might consider for a speaking engagement for the eight- to 12-year old set. The bookfest was amazing (see page 6) and that’s where I met our June 1 guest author, Linda Joy Singleton. Linda has published over 25 books for middlegrade and young adult readers.

Her career path began with her love of reading. Her childhood 100- book collection of girls series books like Nancy Drew, Judy Bolton and Trixie Belden led grew into an adult passion. Today, thousands of juvenile series books ¬fill her home library. At age 13 Linda sent a fan letter to Margaret Sutton, author of the Judy Bolton mystery series. That fan letter led to a friendship with Margaret and later a collaboration on a Judy Bolton mystery, which they cowrote.

When Linda was 14, she wrote down a goal: To write a book series of her own. Today she encourages children to follow their dreams and add in hard work and determination. Linda also shares that there is no magic age at which to begin a writing career. Linda wrote constantly as a teenager. She submitted stories to teen magazines. Nothing sold for years, but she admits it was a great learning experience.

Linda now lives on a farm in Burson, about 25 miles east of Lodi. It is there she often finds inspiration for her books from her farm animals. She especially loves cats. The first book of the Curious Cat Spy Club series features youngsters who rescue kittens and form a club to help animals through volunteering and solving animal mysteries. On her website, Linda lists “Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me” including this tidbit: She was bitten by a fish while on a Caribbean cruise and then put the scene in a book. You just never know what will inspire you!

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