Annual General Membership Meeting, March 4, 2020

Slide 1 of annual meeting presentation

Click here to see a slideshow of the Friends’ accomplishments this past year.

All Things Jane, Jan. 3, 2020

Harry Potter Yule Ball, Dec. 14, 2019

Read-to-a-Dog Afternoon, Oct. 2019

Summer Reading Challenge Movie, July 2019

Not only was the movie free, but so were refreshments, thanks to a generous donation from Alfred Matthews.

Magic Reading Carpet, June and July 2019

All Teens Craft Fair, June 2019

Friend Jean Haven and librarian Elisa McDaniel greet customers attending the All Teen Craft Fair.

Scholastic Discount Book Sale, May 2019

Anne Britton recommends two of many excellent children’s books available from Scholastic.

El día de los niños/El día de los libros, April 2019

Isa Wiechmann sits at Friends table
Isa Wiechmann is ready to talk to people about the Friends of the Modesto Library

Scholastic Book Fair, Nov. 2018

Clifford Visits Book Fair, Nov. 2018

Halloween Story Time, Oct. 2018

All Kids Craft Fair, Oct. 2018

Used Book Sale, May 2018

2018 Shining Star Awards, April 2018

Denise Nordell stands on the left, with Pat Glatkke on the right.
Denise Nordell, left, received the Joan Patterson Stellar Achievement Award for her ongoing commitment of service to Stanislaus County Libraries. Pat Glatkke, right, received a Shining Star Award for her contributions to Friends of the Modesto Library.

Used Book Sale, May 2017