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Closing the building is necessary for asbestos removal, and for building work including total replacement of the ceiling, carpets, lighting, upgraded electrical, etc. Interim Library services for the public will be available throughout the closure. Currently, we anticipate the Modesto Library will reopen in late 2026.

The core project (funded with public monies) includes asbestos abatement; ADA corrections in the Children’s Story Time Room and public restrooms; ceiling tile replacement and LED lighting upgrade; improvements to HVAC system and elevator; security camera installation; upgraded wiring for IT; updated furnishings, fixtures (carpet, paint) and equipment. Private donations made through the Lifelong Legacy Capital Campaign will enhance the project, allowing for upgraded furnishings and fixtures (in public areas, including the auditorium) and installation of AV improvements to support programming and public service in multiple spaces.

The exterior will be power washed and repainted. Security cameras covering the entire portico will be installed. Plans to improve the portico and planters are in process but not included in the Capital Campaign at this time.

The Modesto materials collection will be relocated, and items will be available via placing holds, and will be delivered to the selected Library location. Interim library services will be available in downtown Modesto, and will include a small, high-interest browsing collection, holds-pickup, and reference and referral services. Story time and other programming will also continue at the interim site. All other Stanislaus County Library locations will be open and fully functional during this time.

No. Modesto library staff, as well as administration, IT, and other support staff will be relocated for the duration of construction.

Yes. Wiring will be upgraded as part of the core project. Capital Campaign funds will be used to provide for AV improvements to support programming and public services in multiple spaces.

The Modesto Library was built in 1971 and needs upgrades such as removing asbestos, replacing ceilings and lights, and installing new carpet. Accessibility improvements are also necessary.

The building will be safer and more accessible. Improvements to lighting and HVAC systems will make the space more usable, as well as increasing sustainability and potentially reducing operating costs. Upgraded wiring and AV technology access will result in improved services and increased opportunities for programming. Seating and computer areas will be redesigned to be more welcoming, attractive, and usable. New spaces will be created for young children and their families.


No. Donations will support the project as a whole. However, there are opportunities for large donors to be recognized in areas such as the Children’s Library, McHenry Room, Early Childhood Room, Maker Space and others.

The campaign is a project of Friends of the Modesto Library. Visit the Campaign website HERE.

Every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated and will be recognized. Gifts of $1,000 or more will be included on a wall display plaque; all donations will be included on the Friends of the Modesto Library Capital Campaign website and FOML newsletter.

Yes. Friends of the Modesto Library is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Yes. Individual donors may make multiple donations and large donors ($25,000 and above) may spread payments over 3 years.

State and County funding will pay for the basics. Your donation to the Capital Campaign will elevate the project to a level of excellence, with desirable amenities and attractive spaces such as comfortable seating, welcoming public areas, and modern fixtures.

Yes, and they are. The Board of Supervisors provided $10M to the Library for facility improvements across the County. Of those funds, $4,120,364 is being put toward the Modesto Project. The Library has committed $3,999,674 of Library Fund balance toward the project. The Library was awarded $9,970,490 from the California State Library in a competitive grant process. $35,856 in Federal E-rate funds will fund upgraded wiring. Through the Capital Campaign, private donations will build on the existing project, funding enhanced furniture, fixtures, and equipment, as well as technology supporting public programming and services. The capital campaign will provide for a beautiful library we can all be proud of, with desirable amenities.

The total budget for the core project is $18,144,384. The core project is wholly funded with government monies. Private donations through the Capital Campaign will be used to enhance the existing project.


A public library is a bank of free knowledge. It uplifts and connects the community. Libraries
support communities of lifelong learners and help us enjoy the social and economic benefits
that learning brings. A library building also brings people to the downtown core, where they
spend money at nearby businesses. A beautiful, thriving library is a key for recruiting executive-level talent to the area, as prospective residents judge a community by the quality of its library. Studies show that one dollar spent on libraries translates to an average $3 to $6 return on investment.

Libraries provide programs that promote literacy to all residents, from children to the elderly. Families attend story time and other activities, providing children with their first learning experience and helping parents become more confident helping their children with reading. The Modesto Library had 221,000 visitors in 2022-23, checking out 460,000 books and materials. It also connected people to essential services and resources, such as wifi, for those unable to access it at home, helping them create resumes and look for employment. In that same year, 18,525 computer sessions were held.

The tax pays for operations. Library, County, State and Federal funds are covering the core project. Private funding will provide for elevating the project to a level of excellence, with desirable amenities and attractive spaces.

Stanislaus County Library is primarily funded by a 1/8-cent sales tax which voters first approved in 1994 and have renewed three times since. This funding supports Library operations, and accounts for approximately 90% of the Library’s annual budget.


Since 1974, FOML has provided funds and volunteers to the Modesto Library. Its goal is to create public support for the library and increase community awareness. It is made up of members devoted to programs designed to add to the cultural life of Modesto. Recent improvements that FOML provided include a new fish tank and upgraded furniture in children and teen sections. FOML members volunteer regularly at the Modesto Library.

Learn more about our team here.

Friends of the Modesto Library (FOML) is leading the Capital Campaign and is responsible for managing the campaign as well as the receipt and disbursements of funds. FOML, along with a number of committed library supporters from the community, is spearheading the fundraising effort, which will continue through 2024. Moreover, FOML has committed to underwriting the administrative costs of the campaign, which means EVERY DOLLAR in donations will go directly to the renovation.

FOML is registered with the state of California as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. FOML has established an agency fund account with Stanislaus Community Foundation for the duration of the campaign.